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Template:Infobox film Kalle Stropp, Grodan Boll och deras vänner is a 1956 Swedish animated feature film directed by after an original script by Thomas Funck, using Funck's already well-established characters. It follows a shorter film made by the same team in 1987, Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll räddar Hönan. This is the first time since before 1987 where a Kalle Stropp production features voice acting by others than only Funck himself, only with the exception of children that had participated in other productions as well.


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Swedish Voices[]

  • Erik Sjögren-Charlie Strapp
  • Thor Zackrisson-Froggy Ball
  • Sten Ardenstam-Sheet-Niklas
  • Thore Segelström-The Fox
  • Tyyne Talvo Cramér-The Parrot
  • John Starck-The Baker
  • Ewert Ellman-Chimney sweep
  • Stig Grybe-Chimney sweep
  • Elsie Ståhlberg-The Chicken
  • Elsie Ståhlberg-The Old Woman Remember
  • Rutger Nygren-The Old Man Oblivious
  • Sten Mattsson-The Captain
  • Thomas Funck-Himself And All The Cast

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